One of the most enchanting trekking routes that we have chosen is Jomolhari, which will take you from an altitude of 2,500m to as high as 5,000m above sea level. The amazing upward view of Jomolhari from its base camp is the very highlight of this trek. While you enjoy the great views of lakes and snow-capped neighboring mountain peaks, you will also experience a wide range of beautiful landscapes and unexplored flora and fauna along the way. It is a journey of two to five days. However, duration can be customized and adjusted.

Laya-Lingzhi trek is another adventurous journey that will take you right into the most pristine and unspoiled landscapes and habitats of Bhutan. One of the least populated regions in Bhutan, Laya and Lingzhi have the distinct segment of Bhutanese society with unique culture and tradition. Although untouched by modernization until recently, you will be amazed to see that both the places and the inhabitants alike are extremely inviting and humble. A long journey of fourteen days will begin from Drugyel in Paro and end in Gasa.

Hot Spring
Hot spring is a natural spa and is considered as an important therapy in Bhutan. The medicinal properties of these hot springs have been used by the Bhutanese people for centuries to cure various ailments ranging from arthritis to body aches and even sinuses. Therefore, we have kept this tour for those who wish to relax in the hot spring. There are three famous hot springs in Bhutan. The one in Gasa is considered more effective by some. Dunmang Tshachu in Zhemgang and Gelephu Tshachu in Sarpang are the two other hot springs you may prefer to visit. Duration of the tour will depend on the days you may like to soak.

Bhutan has six major rivers, made up of clean glacial water, which are most ideal for rafting. The rivers of Bhutan were first surveyed for potential routes for water sports in 1997 and were found to be very safe.

Spiritual Tours
Under this category, we have Buddhist teachings and meditation. We have our own renown teachers to guide you through the journey. Venue for teaching can be decided based on your interest. However, we would recommend you to go on a pilgrim to the sacred places for better result.